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For businesses, social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok are great places to talk to the people
who support you.

While social media is extremely beneficial, it is also quite competitive. Once you upload content, it instantly becomes part of the an infinite stream of content, competing not just with other businesses’ content, but also with the platform’s ranking system. Only the strong survive on social media, but the good news is that memorable social media visuals are the finest tools you can use to generate memorable, engaging content.

Your Profile

Although the structure of your profile page is primarily determined by the social media platform and the material you produce on a daily basis, you do have some power over how your page is presented.

The Algorithm

It's a tough one. Once published, your content competes with other businesses' content as well as the platform's ranking algorithm. Impactful images and messages are your best weapon for developing memorable content.


A good way to add variety to your social media strategy is to get your followers involved in the process. Take a look at hashtag contests or social media acquisitions.